Esther 4:7 - 17
Burn the Ships

When we think of being unstoppable, many things come to mind, including Mom's. They will stop at nothing to care for, protect, and provide for their children. We don't know if Esther had children or not, the Bible doesn't say however, we do get a picture of a woman who was unstoppable when it came to her people, the Jews. Though she thought there was nothing she could do, she quickly realized that she was positioned for a purpose, therefore she must seize the moment, and act with confidence. For if she didn't, even she wouldn't survive. There comes a time in life when we must choose the pain of growth over the pain of staying the same. We must choose to burn the ships of fear and failure that is holding us back and step into the life and purpose God has destined us for. What are you waiting for?  Listen in to hear more.