New to Cornerstone?
We want you to feel at home!

Here are some things you might like to know before attending the church for the first time:

  • What is it like? You should expect to encounter a loving atmosphere of Spirit-filled believers. The worship service is a blended style of contemporary worship along with a few older songs that have been updated to bridge the generations. The messages are engaging, sometimes humorous, and always on target with the challenges faced by families today. We have two main screens that display our songs and Scripture. Our pastor preaches from contemporary English translations but has old time Pentecostal anointing.

  • What about my kids? We love your kids! We worship as a family. After the Sunday AM worship service, our younger members enjoy children's church activities that help them grow in faith.

  • Where do I park? Park wherever you're comfortable. We have guest parking near the front entrances, or you may park in your new favorite spot under some shade.

  • What do I wear? Come as you are. We are a causal dressing community of believers. While a suit might appear from time to time and there are some beautiful dresses, it is not uncommon on Sunday mornings for someone to be wearing jeans or shorts. The most important thing is to spend time in the presence of God.

  • How can I get connected? When you come, we will be ready to meet you at the door. Once you're inside, you will see the guest service desk immediately ahead. This is where you can learn more information about upcoming events, information about the church, and a visual of the building layout.